Some New Year inspiration from Samuel Pepys


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Samuel Pepys began his diary on this day in 1660 …..

Samuel Pepys (23 February 1633 – 26 May 1703 ) introduction to working life began as the son of a poor London tailor. Today of course for generations, he is more well known as one of Britain’s most famous diarists, with his diary kept for a decade from 1660 until 1669 .He gave vivid, personal insights into his life and the London he experienced and was a bit like a newspaper columnist of today, since he covered major political events but with personal insights into his own life and his accounts of the Plague (1665-1666) and  The Great Fire of London (1666) have been invaluable to historians .

He wrote about successes and failures, finances, friends and acquaintances, household crises, clothes and meals. Including his first-ever cup of tea . I think he would have made a great journalist on such subjects as welfare reform and the Bedroom tax !!!

I have a feeling he may have really taken to the world of computers, IT and blogging. He was President of the Royal Society as well as a top top naval civil servant. Regardless of having no maritime experience previously, he became Chief Secretary to the Admiralty and was significant in making the Navy a professional organisation.

Also a Member of Parliament ..he probably would have had a Twitter account too. Indeed, although he is no longer here to see it, his diary does now have at least one online version….

and he is on Twitter ….

Clearly , how he earned a living was from quite a multitude of skills and talents and I can’t help but wonder with some amusement if had he been alive today, he might have monetized his blog with affiliate links selling journals and pens…and maybe even laptops !!! Had Amazon been around in his day, he might have set up affiliate links for feather quills….

Meanwhile, I hope that this insight into my imagination is giving some suggestions as to how you can start a blog today and begin to monetize it with links to products relevant to your niche (subject), such as in the case of Pepys…journals and pens ….. provides us with an introduction to Pepys and some background to his life before the diary which he started when he was 26.

In Dec 1659 , he bought a notebook ,took it home to Axe Yard where He and his 20-year-old wife Elizabeth were living off Whitehall and fastidiously made margins on every one of the 282 pages. When I read this it reminded me of my school days and being taught how far in from the margins on a page to begin writing and indeed, covering my exercise and text books in brown paper to keep them clean.


At school 1971

Samuel Pepys diary began on a Sunday ,on what was becoming considered as New Year’s Day, although formally the year still started on March twenty fifth, and he wrote in black or brown ink , using shorthand for privacy; and he kept the diary’s existence secret from nearly everybody, specially his wife, with whom he had a doting but tempestuous relationship.

The diary continued for almost ten years until Pepys was worried about his deteriorating vision , by which time it ran to at least one and 1 / 4 million words, an average of about 350 words per day, and the length of many a blog post.

For posterity, he preserved the diary. and left it to Magdalene College Cambridge, and it was initially printed in part in 1825.


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