Time flies

copyright just2shutter @123RFImages stock photos

copyright just2shutter @123RFImages stock photos

Time flies, we are already two weeks into 2014, 2013 is long gone and a year stretches ahead of us .

What are your plans, for 2014 ? To set goals and ambitions down in some formalised way can help you to keep track of them. Some methods are keeping a journal and writing them in there, or downloading a free bucket list template. If you truly cannot think of anything to inspire you, and being unemployed and or unwell can certainly zap energy, enthusiasm and inspiration, you can even find free bucket list ideas. Another good means of inspiration is to Google things to do before..in my case…you are 60, since I am now 54, and another search for inspiration is the possibly daunting….things to do before you die. Daunting perhaps, but it does inspire…

Of course there are going to be obstacles to some dreams, indeed that is often the reason they are on a bucket or to do list in any case, plans to travel, to go to University, to do a different job to the one you do, to become self employed..are often thwarted by the need to get a job…any job to pay the bills. However, to make realistic plans , and being able to tick some off, is great at focusing you. And ticking something off motivates you to achieve further.

The way to achieve at least some goals is to know where you are going and where you want to be , i.e., your goal may well be to get a job, but there is preparation to be done on the way, such as preparing your CV and finding out how effective it is likely to be. A good way to do this is to take advantage of the wealth of CV and Resume resources on the web, including free templates and free CV reviews .

Learn how to be comfortable and confident with the resources you have available to you right now, while you gain others. By this I mean, you may want a job for which you do not have the qualifications or experience…yet. You can get this , but meanwhile you have to pay the bills. Being able to put up with where you are now in life is especially important if you are on welfare benefits and have to meet the rules of e.g. The Department of Work And Pensions and The Work programme in the UK, because if you do not apply for enough jobs, any job…or take a job that they tell you to, then you get no money.

Most of all…get started….


About veh3959

I’m Valerie and like so many today am looking for a job while over 50 and with health issues. While looking for work and trying to make myself employable I have come across lots of useful information and resources, so thought I would share them
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