New Year resolutions for your career …it’s not too late!!!


New Year not off to a good start? Freezing cold, digging the car out of the snow? Resolutions forgotten or abandoned already?? It’s not too late to get yourself some career goals for 2015….we still have fifty weeks left!!!

It’s easy to make resolutions, under the influence of the glow of Christmas and a couple of drinks. However, back to the reality of the weather we have in January and trying to pay bills, and things don’t look so rosy!!

It will help if the goals and plans are realistic to begin with, therefore try breaking them down into immediate, short and long term goals. Some examples may well be that you will begin a diet or be eager to provide yourself with work and an income, and get off benefits …and yes, you can make a start, but expecting to go on holiday, or buy a home will be a goal too far too soon and will be a longer term plan . I keep in mind that I attended a course for budding entrepreneurs, where we were being instructed to make short, medium and long term goals for building a business, while we have a tendency to want a quick fix.

Short-term objectives are points which will be accomplished within the next few weeks or even few months…like having a de-cluttering clear out, ready for spring cleaning. Such a plan is achieved bit by bit, e.g. one room at a time .Working through the stages completes the goal.

In the case of job searching, an example might be, to first make a generic CV, then build up a set of job specific resumes  for the roles you’re going to apply for. Getting a qualification? That begins with finding the courses of study you need and would benefit you and what your future plans are and enrolling on a course!! It is true that the past years have seen many financial cuts to adult education and retraining, but there are many excellent free online courses from reputable organizations and I would especially recommend in the UK, vision2learn .

Long-term goals typically require a variety of steps and do not happen overnight. An example was my realization that I might use my way with words to write and create an income. The process is quite similar to applying for a lot of ‘normal’ jobs…I apply and a few I get, and many I do not. I will not have an immediate or even quick financial gain, but it will grow.

Of course you may have listed your resolutions /goals somewhere, even just in your head, however career goals tend to be recorded more formally. This can be because you’re a part of a government employment programme, such as being on Job Seekers Allowance in the UK, and have to record your job search activities. Even if not officially required to keep a record of your job search activities, it is very helpful to do so.

Here are two links to job search record systems:
Google Documents job search template
Keep a record of your objectives/goals, and use the excellent and often fun on-line ideas to help you. Bucket lists are a popular in term of late. I started a bucket list and shared it in an earlier blog entry. However, finances and Job center rules meant that I did not have time for it, but I do hope to develop it and see some achieved aims…..Enter a Google search for free bucket list templates and enjoy the ideas. You can even make a career specific bucket list. Just Google Career bucket list for ideas to get going.

Of course, many people have no alternative other than for work related goals to take precedence over personal ones, but you will adapt as necessary, and don’t be too hard on yourself if something does not work out….celebrate your achievements !!

*** if you have a web site or blog, get it up and running, place content on it regularly and monetize it with e.g. affiliate programmes, i.e. merchandising supporting your niche…children, computers, weddings etc. etc…..more regarding this in the months to follow….Most people looking for a job would benefit from having a website as a place to illustrate the skills and experience that they have, a website shows ‘your brand’. It need not have any cost involved as a simple website and or blog, can be set up at no cost and certainly be adequate for at least to start with. While demonstrating your ‘brand’, who you are and what you can do , you may even find that your website and/or blog leads to a new career in itself , perhaps as a writer , an affiliate marketer selling products and services online, selling your own goods and/or crafts , or indeed the many other ways that there are to make money with your own website or blog .,2817,2388910,00.asp
Not all of these are free but some of the sites have a free version e.g. Weebly


About veh3959

I’m Valerie and like so many today am looking for a job while over 50 and with health issues. While looking for work and trying to make myself employable I have come across lots of useful information and resources, so thought I would share them
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