Getting Organized can Help Your Job Search

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If your New Year’s resolution is to get more organized, you’re not alone. Most of us crave more order and less chaos in our lives. Getting organized can boost your confidence, save you time and money, and even increase your chances of getting your next job opportunity.

That’s according to Angela Harris Hughes, who helps individuals get more organized and achieve maximum efficiency and livability. I spoke to her about designing your home office space. First, Hughes says, it’s important to know that clutter is not just an issue for your home; it follows you into the world. “You carry your clutter around in your head, as well,” she says. “Getting organized frees your mind up to focus on what’s important.”

A job search is a complicated process, and you need to keep good records to be successful. Among other things, you need to track and store:

  • Job postings…

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About veh3959

I’m Valerie and like so many today am looking for a job while over 50 and with health issues. While looking for work and trying to make myself employable I have come across lots of useful information and resources, so thought I would share them
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