How to get Targeted Visitors to your website or blog

office-625892_1280The purpose of your online business is to make money, yes? Well, just like when people go to a shop, you will have a much greater chance of making money if you have what people who come to your website or blog are looking for.

An example is that my blog is for older and or disabled people looking for a job or ways to earn a living, so people are not likely to need to visit it if they are not in this position and have a job or good income already and don’t need to worry. The people I need to visit my blog are older and maybe disabled people looking for work or ways to make money.

So, this is the definition of a “targeted visitor”, a person who is actually looking for the products or services that you offer, rather than just browsing the internet. It isn’t difficult to understand that the more successful online businesses get that way buy having lots of people who need what they have to offer . This is why it is important in your material on your website and or blog, to use keywords relevant to your product or service.

Search results are not limited to pages on websites, there will also be links to YouTube and other video sites and article directories .As you get more experienced with marketing your business you may well want to break into other forms of advertising such as videos.
So, to improve your chances of targeted traffic, use relevant keywords as often as possible on your site and also in your marketing and promotional material when you advertise the site or blog.

Keywords in the form of e.g. power words and doing words and words that show your achievements are also important when putting together a resume for job applications

Once your website or blog is up and running, be sure to submit it to search engines , a useful way to do this while you are new to marketing and still learning but need to get your site out there and seen quickly is to use the many free website submission services that can be found on Google . Also there are many pages and groups on Facebook for free opportunities to share your link to your website or blog.

Valerie Hedges



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Getting your business seen…Starting with keywords


So, you have decided to start a business? However, you won’t make any money if nobody knows that you are there.

It can seem daunting, once you start to do some research, to know the best methods to use to publicise your venture

One that certainly won’t do you any harm and is quick and easy to set up while you look at other options too such as Social media and leafleting and e-mail campaigns, is to set up a blog or website about your product or service, you will certainly in any case feel that your business needs a website, and write about it.

Once you have a website or blog, you need to get it seen and this is where those maybe rather mysterious things you will see mentioned so often on the internet come in ..Keywords.
Keywords in your articles on a blog or website make the difference between being on page 1 of Google …and not being seen at all.
Keywords are indeed a science and it is quite a knack to learn how to make your web pages show up in search results and show up at the top. Keyword research is very important to search engine success. While it seems maybe a puzzle to know what your keywords are and how to optimize them, in fact almost anyone can learn it.

The purpose of keyword research is to help you get targeted traffic to your blog or website, be well up in search engine results and to find a niche market for your business and make it profitable. Key points to understand are:
* Keywords in the context of Internet search engines
* How Internet search engines use keywords to produce search results
* The concept of “targeted visitors”, and how this and getting them is part of your keyword research process
* The competition for search engine traffic
* Promoting your business and website by using keywords

Good use of keywords mans that you will be found when people are searching for information on your subject, or for the things you sell and the search engines will have you near or even at the top of their results and you will have a profitable business.

Valerie Hedges

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Working for yourself, starting at the beginning


I have written a lot about the problems of being unemployed and how to make money but today I am going to go right back to basics and write about what might motivate you to work for yourself .

You are over 40, disabled, you have health problems that severely limit the work you can do and are being told by the government that you are not entitled to disability benefits, you have to get a job. Or, maybe you are just tired of the rat race and the thought of years more of the 9-5 routine working for an employer. What you do for an employer, you could do for yourself, and so you are thinking of starting a business

However, that is as far as it has got, you think about it. You think about it but know that you will take ages if at all to replace the salary you have, or that it seems far too risky to come off benefits, low as they are at least it goes in your bank account regularly.

So, before you make the leap, take a real honest and grounded look at your situation. You want to improve your life, not make it even more difficult than it is now …

Most people have the potential in them to do and be anything they want within sensible reason. However, many people do not really know what they do want, or certainly not what their priorities should be and what they should want.

So, set out to discover exactly what it is that you want and need, but do remember that these may not be the same things and some things like being able to pay the bills are a priority.

Know what you want and need and where you need to head for. If you don’t know then ask yourself:

a) What would pay the bills and give you financial stability? , it does not have to mean being rich, but able to pay your bills
b) What do you enjoy doing?
c) What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
d) What are your skills and talents and where does your experience lie?
e) Do you need to update your skills?

Write down all your possible answers to the above questions.

Now it might well be that you want to win a Grand Slam at tennis. While it may be unlikely that you will do so, you could make good use of your tennis knowledge or knowledge about anything else. Start a blog and sell affiliate items related to your interest, look for companies that pay, wanting articles on your subject, maybe open a shop related to your interest.

Others may disagree with you that you can and should do this, but you should be firm with it if you truly believe that you can do this. Others may offer comments or advice, and it will not always be positive, especially if they are people who care about you or are dependent on you e.g. paying the mortgage and want what they think is the most secure way for you to have an income, that is in their opinion that you get a regular job.

However, sometimes the thing to do is just go for it …Too many lives have been lived in quiet desperation waiting until – until they had saved a nest egg, until the children are out of school, until I retire, and they depart this life before “until” ever arrives.

Start thinking about how you can turn your skill, interest or experience into a business and an income, research advice on how to make money at it and research the many online sites about starting a business,.

There will always be bills, things will always break down eventually and need replacing, but properly planned and thought out, you can start that business and take steps towards a successful outcome.

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Just A Thought

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Turning your hobby into a business

laptop lifestyle

I try to provide some free or at least cheap ways to still enjoy life when unemployed and with little or no spare money for leisure activities. As I have written previously, it is actually more important than ever when looking for a job that you stay in circulation. It is important because meeting people and networking is one of the best ways to get a job, with many jobs being found through word of mouth and someone who knows of jobs being available rather than advertised jobs, this is called the hidden job market.
Also, being unemployed has a very powerful and negative effect on mental health as well as finances and issues with mental health such as stress lead to physical health problems such as high blood pressure . For further information on this subject Google the psychological effects of unemployment, effect unemployment has on people and also articles on this blog

When unemployed, there is no money in your benefits allowance for leisure activities. However, becoming a job hunting bore, talking about nothing other than looking for a job and the problems of having no money is a big turn off when you do meet people and can make you look desperate and leaving people more likely to wonder why you cannot get a job than to think off anyone they might know who could help you.

So, try to do something other than read your job alert emails and apply for jobs. It is true that many hobbies such as the arts and sports cost money, but if you are reading this then quite possibly at home you already have one of the best tools, that is the internet, for finding or developing further, hobbies that that are free or at least cheap and can even lead to a job.

Google hobbies that can make money online and look up writing, sharing knowledge, selling your photographs online selling your crafts and cooking, gardening and sewing , all hobbies that can lead to making an income from your skills.
Also search terms to use are: Hobbies that make money ideas, hobbies that can earn you money and hobbies that can be a job.

If you have hobbies that you can write about then you can make money from writing about it and getting paid for your articles. If you do not already have a blog, start one and write articles for it, then look up ways to… Monetize your blog, with advertising and products relevant to your topic.
Google search: Websites that pay you to write:
Some examples:

Reading also can be turned into a means to make some money by writing paid book reviews.

Start a blog about your favourite books and books that you read and join Amazon’s affiliate programme, get the links to the book and advertise and promote your blog or website so that you can sell the books.

Quite likely you are already on Facebook and or Twitter, they are not just for fun and posting pictures of cats and writing on walls. Use the job hunting pages and groups and also search free advertising in the Facebook search bar , advertise your skills or crafts , post your CV or resume and share the groups and pages to your own page. Interact with other posts and almost without knowing, you will be building up networking connections and learning the basics of social media marketing.

Be sure to get some exercise, even just a walk into town if you have had to give up your gym membership, clears your head and reduces stress.

Valerie Hedges

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Have a good week

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DWP shortcuts to reduce PIP delays ‘have made it easier to reject claims’ | DisabledGo News and Blog


DWP shortcuts to reduce PIP delays ‘have made it easier to reject claims’ | DisabledGo News and Blog.

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Experience and empathy….

When David Cameron became Prime Minister , telling us that the NHS was safe in his hands I and many others expected cuts yes, he is a Tory, but hoped maybe it might not be so bad, after all didn’t he have a severely disabled son, Ivan.


David Cameron had spoken so often about the importance of the NHS in the life of his family and how frequently they needed to call on its services, we thought maybe he understood, and while we were wary and anxious yes, we hoped it would not be as bad under him as we feared.The Prime Minister also had a disabled father….

Our tentative hopes proved so wrong, and at least 32 die a week after failing the test for ESA, the replacement for Incapacity benefit brought in by Cameron‘s coalition .

Rather than empathy and understanding, Cameron‘s experiences appear to have had the opposite effect and job centre advisers admit they are being forced to sign terminally ill people as fit for work. ATOS, the group contracted by the government to deny disability benefits to claimants and find current claimants fit for work and remove their benefits told an incontinent woman to ‘wear a nappy’ in order to go to work . In another case, and these are certainly not isolated , a Mum-of-three was told to find a job by Atos chiefs and weeks later she died of a brain tumour.

Would Cameron and the minister for work and pensions, Iain Duncan Smith want this treatment for sick and disabled members of their own family ? Probably not, but the point is that they will never have to imagine the effect it has to be treated in this manner and what it is to be in that position.
There is a saying that has some different versions and the origins are shrouded in fable about trying to walk a mile in someone else’ s shoes, I also know it as the native American version Walking a mile in someone else’ s moccasins .

I remember with much admiration , an elderly lady who was born in and until recently lived in the same town as I live now. She often spoke to me of having had polio as a child and all that she owed to the support of her clearly wonderful mother. Some years later, when she was working and trying to care for her by then elderly mother who needed support herself, she founded a local branch of the carer’s support group The Princess Royal Trust For Carers. She was involved in local politics and highly respected locally, but she never, ever forgot her roots and since we lived in a borough of wide social and economic division , I knew what she meant when she told me that although her group was open to all, there was a huge difference between being disabled in a big house with lots of money in one end of the borough, and being disabled on benefits in a council flat at the other end of it.

We have our Home Secretary Theresa May, of the huge shoe collection and fan of kitten heels and leopard print , who has presided on her watch over a vicious reform of the UK immigration laws, telling us that she has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Insisting of course that it is business as usual and it makes no difference to her ability to do her job
I agree !! , many diabetics successfully work , and on the other hand, many, especially those diagnosed later in life when they might be having to consider a job change because they are being forced to take any job at all , will find that complications of diabetes such as diabetic retinopathy lessen chances of jobs that demand good eyesight . Some employers will think a job as being a danger to your condition for yourself and for others, and this may further complicate an application. And that as an insulin user, the following jobs (under current legislation) are unavailable to you.

This list does not cover every position, and an employer may use their own discretion, in some cases unfairly. Some of these jobs are exempt from the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, meaning that employers can refuse an applicant who has diabetes.

Armed forces
• Fire service
• Ambulance service
• Prison service
• Airline pilots and Airline Cabin crew
• Air traffic control
• Offshore work

Theresa May’s attitude of business as usual is admirable, however, is she perhaps doing fellow diabetics not in her privileged position a disservice? I’m not for a moment saying she should give up work, but it would be nice to see her start to really fight for and defend the sick and disabled , because a lot of fellow diabetics in the above occupations could well have to stop work and find themselves at the cruel hands of her government, her boss the Prime Minister and the Department for Work and Pensions .
Somehow, I can’t see it happening because as we found with the Prime Minister, experience does not necessarily produce empathy.

Employment law taken from © 2015 Diabetes Digital Media Ltd – the global diabetes community.

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Getting Organized can Help Your Job Search

@work: a career blog

If your New Year’s resolution is to get more organized, you’re not alone. Most of us crave more order and less chaos in our lives. Getting organized can boost your confidence, save you time and money, and even increase your chances of getting your next job opportunity.

That’s according to Angela Harris Hughes, who helps individuals get more organized and achieve maximum efficiency and livability. I spoke to her about designing your home office space. First, Hughes says, it’s important to know that clutter is not just an issue for your home; it follows you into the world. “You carry your clutter around in your head, as well,” she says. “Getting organized frees your mind up to focus on what’s important.”

A job search is a complicated process, and you need to keep good records to be successful. Among other things, you need to track and store:

  • Job postings…

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Is Clutter Hurting your Job Search?

@work: a career blog

Eileen Mulligan, a counselor and life coach, says that stress warps your judgment.  “Strong feelings…can seriously distort decision making,” she writes. “Find ways to reduce stress before making decisions.” One way you can reduce stress is to reduce clutter.

I admit it; I can’t think when things around me are in disorder.  And I have trouble believing people who claim that clutter doesn’t affect them at all.  When things are a mess, your brain can’t make sense of the visual landscape – you literally have too much information in front of you.  This visual static keeps your brain from working on problems efficiently.  For some people, this produces a sort of numbness – they feel like their brain is wrapped in a thick blanket.  For others, it’s an irritant- they feel constantly strung out and stressed without knowing exactly why. Either way, the clutter has got to go.

One of…

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